Pass Box Clean Room

The Pass Box Clean Room is the most effective equipment to prevent pollution. It is characterized by the interlocking of the double doors, which effectively reduces the number of times the staff enters the clean room due to transporting items and prevents the outside air from entering the clean room.

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Pass Box Clean Room


1. The Introduction of The Pass Box Clean Room


The Pass Box Clean Room is the most effective equipment to prevent pollution. It is characterized by the interlocking of the double doors, which effectively reduces the number of times the staff enters the clean room due to transporting items and prevents the outside air from entering the clean room. The complete set of equipment is economical and affordable, and it is the best transfer device for the purification room. The transfer window is made of stainless steel plate, smooth and clean. The double doors are interlocked with each other, which can effectively prevent cross-contamination. It is equipped with electronic or mechanical interlocking devices, and is equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamps.


Pass Box Clean Room


2. There Are Three Types of Pass Box Clean Room


1). Electronic chain transfer window

2). Mechanical interlock transfer window

3). Self-cleaning transfer window

According to the working principle, the transfer window can be divided into air shower transfer window, ordinary transfer window and laminar flow transfer window. Various types of transfer windows can be made according to actual requirements.

Optional accessories: Interphone, germicidal lamp and other related functional accessories.


3. The Parameter of The Pass Box Clean Room


Model Name

Transfer Window

Transfer Window

Air Shower Transfer Window

Dimensions W*D*H(mm)




Internal dimensions W*D*H( mm)




Box material

The outer wall of the box is made of cold-rolled sheet/stainless steel, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, warm light white, and the inner wall is made of stainless steel.


Half-glazed windows and doors, mechanically interlocked




High efficiency filter (efficiency=99.99%)

Power Consumption(Kw)



4. The Detail of The Pass Box Clean Room


Pass Box Clean Room


5. The Working Principle of The Pass Box Clean Room


1). Mechanical interlocking device: The internal use of mechanical form to achieve interlocking, when one door is opened, the other door cannot be opened, and the other door must be closed before the other door can be opened.


2). Electronic interlocking device: the internal use of integrated circuits, electromagnetic locks, control panels, indicator lights, etc. to achieve interlocking, when one door is opened, the door indicator light of the other door does not light up, indicating that the door cannot be opened, At the same time, the electromagnetic lock action realizes interlocking. When the door is closed, the electromagnetic lock of the other door starts to work, and the indicator light will light up, indicating that the other door can be opened.


6. The Using Process Pass Box Clean Room


1). The transfer window is the transfer channel for materials between areas with different cleanliness levels.


2). Usually the door of the transfer window is closed. When the material is transferred, the transferor first rings the doorbell, and then opens another door when the other party responds. After the material is sent in, the door is closed immediately, and the receiver opens the other door. , After taking out the material, pass it to the window service provider, and then close the door. It is strictly forbidden to open two doors at the same time.


3). After the operation, the transfer window should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.


7. The Feature of The Pass Box Clean Room


Pass Box Clean Room features:

1). The working surface of the short-distance transmission window adopts stainless steel plate, which is smooth, clean and wear-resistant.

2). The work surface of the long-distance transfer window adopts an unpowered roller, which is easy and convenient to transfer items.

3). The doors on both sides are equipped with mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking and electronic latching devices to ensure that the doors on both sides cannot be opened at the same time.

4). Various non-standard sizes and floor-to-ceiling transfer windows can be customized according to customer needs.

5). The air speed at the air outlet of the air nozzle is as high as 20s or more.

6). Adopt high-efficiency filter with partition, the filtration efficiency is: 99.99%, to ensure the purification level.

7). Using EVA sealing material, high sealing performance.

8). It can be paired with a calling walkie-talkie.


Pass Box Clean Room

8. How To Use The Pass Box Clean Room:


The Pass Box Clean Room is managed according to the cleanliness of the higher-level clean area connected to it. For example, the transfer window connected between the coding room and the filling room should be managed according to the requirements of the filling room. After get off work, the operator in the clean area is responsible for wiping the internal surfaces of the transfer window clean, and turning on the ultraviolet sterilization lamp for 30 minutes.


1). The material entering and leaving the clean area must be strictly separated from the flow channel, and the material enters and exits through the special channel of the production workshop.


2). When the materials enter, the raw and auxiliary materials will be unpacked by the person in charge of the preparation class or the surface will be cleaned, and then sent to the temporary storage room of raw materials and auxiliary materials in the workshop through the transfer window; , and sent to the in-package room through the transfer window. The workshop integrator handles the material handover with the person in charge of the preparation and internal packaging processes.


3). When passing through the transfer window, the regulations of “one opening and one closing” for the inner and outer doors of the transfer window must be strictly implemented, and the two doors cannot be opened at the same time. Open the outer door and put the material in, then close the door first, then open the inner door to take out the material, close the door, and so on.


4). When the material in the clean area is sent out, the material should be transported to the relevant material intermediate station first, and the material should be moved out of the clean area according to the reverse procedure when the material entered.


5). All semi-finished products shipped from the clean area must be sent from the transfer window to the outer temporary storage room, and then transferred to the outer packaging room through the logistics channel.


6). Materials and wastes that are very likely to cause pollution should be transported from their dedicated transfer windows to non-clean areas.


7). After the material is in and out, the site of each clearing room or intermediate station and the sanitation of the transfer window should be cleaned up in time, the inner and outer access doors of the transfer window should be closed, and the cleaning and disinfection work should be done well.

Pass Box Clean Room


8. The Installation Method of The Pass Box Clean Room


Choose a convenient location on the wall, and then open the hole. The hole is generally about 10MM larger than the outer diameter of the transmission window. Put the transmission window into the wall, generally install it in the middle of the wall, keep it balanced and fixed, and decorate it with rounded corners or other decorative strips. The gap between the transmission window and the wall can be sealed and decorated with glue.


Pass Box Clean Room


9. The Application of The Pass Box Clean Room


Pass Box Clean Room


10. The Introduction of The Dong Guan Zhuo Wei Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd.


Pass Box Clean Room


We always adhere to the enterprise tenet of "survive by quality, seek market by reputation, seek development by technology, and seek benefit by management", adhering to the business philosophy of "creating first-class quality products and building Huaye's image", and constantly integrating product manufacturing and engineering and The professional and group-based business model integrating design and installation will wholeheartedly provide you with high-efficiency, high-quality, high-rated construction management engineering services, and sincerely create a first-class clean space for you.


11. The Purchase Notes of The Pass Box Clean Room


▲Invoice description

The price of this shop does not include tax points, and additional tax points are required for billing. For details, please consult customer service.


▲ Shipping Instructions

The goods in this store are all large-volume goods, and the freight varies greatly in different regions. The goods do not include freight and wooden frame packaging costs. The actual freight is calculated according to the product volume, quantity, wooden frame (export wooden box) packaging, and delivery address. Before shooting, you must contact customer service to calculate the freight! In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, directly photographed and not shipped, need to make up the freight and wooden packaging costs before delivery.


▲Signing instructions

In order to protect your purchase rights and provide you with high-quality services, you need to be the logistics personnel when you sign for the package. Help you to solve the problem properly and quickly (if there is no inspection and receipt, the store will not be responsible for any damage, small pieces and other reasons to return).


Pass Box Clean Room


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