What material is the air shower made of?


Nowadays, the air shower is gradually involved in the production and scientific research departments of semiconductor, microelectronics, pcb, optoelectronic technology, optical instrument, bioengineering, medicine and health, fine chemical industry, precision machinery and food industry, but many customers are using it for the first time , There are still many questions and concerns about the choice of the air shower, and I don't know what material the air shower is made of. Next, Zhuo Wei Air Purification factory will answer this question for you.


What material is the air shower made of


1. The material of the air shower room. There are mainly two kinds of materials available for the air shower room and the outer box: full A3 cold plate multi-layer pickling electrostatic spraying (commonly known as cold plate), stainless steel plate. Usually, the enterprise will have the following combinations of low, medium and high box materials for the air shower according to its own economic interests and to reduce costs: A, full cold plate air shower, the inner bottom plate, nozzles and handles are made of stainless steel, the price of the air shower Relatively low point. B. The stainless steel air shower room inside the outer cold plate, the price of the air shower room made of this material is relatively moderate in comparison. C. The inner and outer boxes are made of all stainless steel air shower, which is the most expensive material in the standard configuration of the same air shower.


Second, the different materials of the air shower will directly affect the price and cost of the air shower. For example: in the case of the same size and configuration, the material of the air shower room is full of 201 sanded stainless steel and full 304 sanded stainless steel.


3. The thickness of the board is also one of the factors that directly lead to the cost of the price of the air shower. Usually SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, etc., the thickness is generally 0.8~1.5mm, and the material on the national standard has a negative difference. When purchasing an air shower, it is required to indicate the material thickness of the air shower.


4. The production of the air shower belongs to thin plate welding, which requires high welding technology and grinding technology for welders. Usually, the continuous welding process is mostly used for welding, and the welder's welding and grinding skills directly affect the quality and beautiful shape of the air shower box.


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