Decoration Project of Clean Workshop of Injection Molding Dust-free Workshop


Project Overview:

Project name: injection molding clean workshop decoration project

Project size: 5000 square meters

Cleanliness level: 100,000/300,000

Project address: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Air conditioning system: screw host, air-cooled heat pump

Process pipeline: CDA, waste exhaust, general exhaust, fire alarm, weak current monitoring



Features of injection molding dust-free workshop:

1). The heat of the injection molding machine is large, and the heat generation of the injection molding machine should be considered in detail.

2). Exhaust gas is generated from injection molding, and odorous gas will be generated when the injection molding machine head is working, so local strong exhaust should be considered in the design to remove odorous gas.

3). High cleanliness painting area

Compared with other working areas in the injection molding purification workshop, the spray painting area has higher requirements on cleanliness and requires stricter control of dust. The spray painting area will produce a lot of paint odor, and an independent exhaust should be set up.

4). High heat in the baking area

When the oven door in the baking area is opened, a large amount of heat will be generated. In order to avoid disturbance of the airflow in the injection molding workshop and mutual excuses, the corresponding exhaust air should be designed to remove the heat generated.

5). Negative pressure design

As mentioned above, both the baking area and the painting area will generate a large amount of heat. In order to avoid heat discharge and cause airflow disorder, a negative pressure must be designed (relative to the adjacent clean area), so that the airflow can only come in and out.

Purification and exhaust of injection molding dust-free workshop:

Outdoor air → wet curtain → primary filter → medium efficiency filter → (central air conditioning heating or cooling) → high pressure fan → air supply duct → high-efficiency air supply port → clean room → waste gas collection bell mouth → exhaust duct → (activated carbon waste gas processing equipment) → high-pressure exhaust fan → 15 meters high-altitude discharge



Injection molding dust-free workshop planning:

Ensure absolute isolation of all scrap, feed and mixing workshops.

1). The feeding and mixing rooms are independently separated into small rooms. The equipment is commonly used, such as drying machine, mold temperature meter, feeder and other equipment. The layout of the pipeline should be considered in advance to prevent the pipeline from passing through the dust-free wall in the later stage. .

2). The crushing room must be far away from the clean room area.

3). The mold room is best placed outside the dust-free injection molding workshop, and the clean room must be treated by air before entering.

4). Mold lifting equipment For small injection molding machines, small gantry electric hoists can be used;

5). Circulation isolation and transportation of logistics.