Medium Efficiency Filter

Performance: Each filter bag of the medium-efficiency bag filter is made of ultra-fine composite fibers with a special weaving method to avoid the discomfort that the old glass fiber material may cause to the human body. The filter material contains electrostatic fibers, which has a better filtering effect on sub-micron dust. Good, high dust collection rate, high air permeability, and long service life. The four sides are fused by ultrasonic, and each filter bag is fixed by a metal strip, which increases the strength and prevents the filter bag from breaking due to the frictional force of wind shear when the filter bag is at high wind speed. Each filter bag has six spacers evenly distributed in the width of the bag to prevent excessive expansion of the filter bag when it is subjected to wind pressure, increase mutual shielding, and reduce the effective filtering area and efficiency.


Application field: Bag filters are widely used in central air-conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, food and other industrial purification, and can also be used as the front-end filtration of high-efficiency air filters to reduce the load of high-efficiency air filters and prolong their service life. Because the bag filter has a large windward surface, it has a large dust holding capacity and a low wind speed, and is considered to be a better medium-efficiency filter structure at present.


Advantage: Large ventilation, low resistance and large dust holding capacity, which can effectively prolong the service life of the terminal high-efficiency filter