High Efficiency Filter

Performance and material: Generally, a baffle type design is adopted, with cold-rolled galvanized sheet or aluminum alloy or stainless steel as the outer frame, ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper as the filter material, offset paper or aluminum foil as the separator, and the corrugated baffle can accurately keep the pleats. The spacing effectively makes the partitioned high-efficiency air filter use the filter material to the maximum extent with the least resistance. The newest type of environmentally friendly polyester sealant is used to completely seal the filter material and the outer frame in the frame to prevent air leakage. There is a partitioned high-efficiency air filter to capture 0.3um particles, and the efficiency can reach 99.99%;

Application field: Generally widely used in electronic optics, medical and pharmaceutical, biological laboratory, food and beverage, semiconductor, spraying industry, touch screen LED and other industries at the end of clean room filtration systems, mainly to filter air dust particles below 0.3um in clean rooms and clean rooms.

Advantage: High efficiency, large dust holding capacity, uniform wind speed.