Air shower equipment

Performance: The air shower room is the necessary passage for personnel to enter and exit the clean room. It has strong versatility. It removes the dust attached to the surface of the person and acts as an air valve. The air shower room is a purification device that prevents unpurified air from entering the clean room. The air shower room has a single-chip microprocessor controller and a voice prompt system, which can efficiently and quickly remove dust particles. When people are blowing shower, the air shower room control system will automatically issue a voice prompt to let people complete the whole process of blowing, showering and dust removal in an orderly manner to prevent personnel from operating in violation of regulations. Humanized voice prompts give people a friendly feeling. The LED display can clearly display the blowing time and the state of the air shower. The blowing schedule can be adjusted. The automatic sensor switch controls the blowing shower to avoid unmanned air blowing in the air shower.

Classification: Single double shower room, double double shower room

The Application: Electronic processing, semiconductor industry, food, beverage, biological, medical and other industries. Is the food, beverage, biological, medical industry QS. GMP certification must use products.

Advantage: It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, long life and easy cleaning.