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Best Portable Air Filter appears in some renovation projects with high cleanliness (level 100, Federal standard 209E) requirements to solve the following three problems:

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1. The Introduction of The Best Portable Air Filter


The Origin of the FFU fan filter unit: FFU appears in some renovation projects with high cleanliness (level 100, Federal standard 209E) requirements to solve the following three problems:


First: The clean room ceiling space is not enough

In some occasions with high cleanliness requirements, the air static box of the clean chamber ceiling has a great role is to balance the pressure on the cross section of the clean room, but when using FFU, the clean room ceiling is divided into several modules, we can adjust each module (namely FFU) to meet the pressure balance of the upper F box, thus greatly reduce the requirements for the height of the static box.In some renovation projects, FFU effectively solves the height of the problem.


Second: The clean room static pressure is insufficient

In some renovation projects, due to the limitation of conditions, the air supply resistance is very large, so the difficulties are overcome by the air supply pressure of the air conditioning unit alone. Due to FFU, it can be a good solution to this problem.


Third: The area of the air-conditioning machine room is not enough

There are some renovation projects, because of the small area of the air conditioning room, it is impossible to accommodate large air conditioning units, at this time, with FFU power to make up for this defect, so as to reduce the use of air conditioning units.This advantage is also applied to occasions where cleanliness requirements are low (such as 1000 level 10000 federal standard 209E).


6.jpg 7.jpg


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of The Best Portable Air Filter


Model FFU-1 FFU-2 FFU-3
Dragon bone size W1200*L1200 W600*L600 W1200*L600
Box size 1175*1175*250 575*575*250 1175*575*250
Filter size 1170*570*69 570*570*69 1170*570*69
Blowing rate 1500m2/h 500m2/h 1000m2/h
Fan Taiwan fan / domestic fan
Wind Speed 0.35-0.75M/S
Speed Control Unsegmented air volume regulator can adjust the air volume size arbitrarily
Voltage / current Single-phase 220V / 50hz
output power 140W-240W
Filter power Hepa0.3um99.999% in and above
Motor life About 8 years
Box material SUS201 stainless steel steel plate / powder paint steel plate / common high quality aluminum plated zinc plate
Highly Active HEPA H13-U17 (standard standard H13)


FFU Fan Filter Unit


3. The Details of The Best Portable Air Filter


FFU Fan Filter Unit


4. The Application of The Best Portable Air Filter


Application of FFU Fan Filter Unit:

FFU fan filter unit can be modular connected, using FFU fan filter unit is widely used in dust-free room, dust-free operating table, dust-free production line, assembly dust-free room and local grade and other applications.Using FFU fan filter unit can make a simple clean workbench, clean shed, clean transmission cabinet and clean storage wardrobe.


FFU Fan Filter Unit


5. The Appearance of The Best Portable Air Filter


At present, the FFU produced by all manufacturers in the world can be divided in appearance:


1). There are two kinds from the shape, one is a cuboid, the other is a slope; the upper part of FFU plays a kind of diversion function, conducive to the flow and uniform distribution of airflow.The rectangular FFU generally relies on another way to balance the airflow.


2). There are two kinds of structure, one is the whole and the other is the split.

A split-shaped FFU has the following advantages:

① Makes filter replacement more convenient.

② Reduces the labor intensity during the installation process.

③ No leakage.


6. The Components of The Best Portable Air Filter


At present, various FFU consists of the following parts (in order from top to bottom, from inside to outside), depending on different manufacturers.

1). Primary filter

2). Outer body

3). Air duct connecting parts

4). Motor

5). Impeller

6). Airflow equalization device

7). High efficiency filter

8). Metal protective net

9). Knife edge

10). Control components


7.  We Analyze And Introduce Each Component:


1). Initial effect filter

Mainly to prevent construction, maintenance or other accidents caused by damage to efficient filters, to protect efficient, extend the service life.


2). The outer shell

Composition material roughly has steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, hard plastic, stainless steel and so on, different manufacturers and different use environment have different choice, thickness is about 1.2~2.0, depending on the thickness of some can carry people.


3). The air duct connection parts

At a lower clean level (1000 Federal standard 209E), there is no static pressure box on the upper part of the ceiling, and the FFU with duct connection parts makes the duct and FFU connection very convenient.


4). Motor

At present, AC motor and DC motor are used in FFU, DC motor has a large volume, high cost, easy to achieve control, high energy consumption.AC motor volume is small, low cost, control needs the corresponding technology, low energy consumption.The FFU is now running about 40,000 to 100,000 hours.Some excellent electrical opportunities have the corresponding technology, such as oil-free lubrication, sealed bearing, with overheating protection, commutator life has been significantly improved.


5). Impeller

The impeller is used in two forms, forward and backward, which is beneficial to increase the directed flow of the air flow organization and enhance the ability to remove dust.Backward leaning is conducive to reducing energy consumption and reducing noise.


6). Air flow equalization device

With the continuous popularity of FFU, most manufacturers have begun to assemble an airflow balancing device to adjust the outlet airflow of FFU, so as to improve the airflow distribution in the clean room.At present, this equalization device is divided into about three kinds: one is a hole plate, mainly through the density distribution of the holes on the plate to adjust the flow of the FFU outlet flow.One is a grille, mainly through the density of the grille to adjust the outlet airflow of the FFU.The other is a dynamic curve, which induces the flow mainly through the shape of the curve, and also regulates the flow through the density distribution of the holes on the curve.


7). The highly efficient filter

The filters used in the FFU are the same as those used in the clean plant, and will not be described here.


8). Metal protective net

Metal protective net mainly plays a protective role in the filters, most are anti-static.


9). Knife edge

When the FFU is used in some special occasions, the FFU with a knife edge can be sealed with a liquid tank, so as to meet the requirements of high sealing.


10). Control unit

FFU control can be roughly divided into multi-gear switch, continuous adjustment, computer control, and other functions of a single control, partition control, alarm, operation state display, etc.


But what is why FFU has not been widely used for such a long time? Three issues are predominant.

First: the noise problem.You can think about it, in the production process level at that time, thousands of fans together will be how much noise.

Second: pressure balance.In a large static pressure box, each different corner of the fan can get a balanced pressure, which was not guaranteed at that time.

Third: maintenance problems.The cost of FFU itself is relatively high, if its motor life can not be guaranteed, the replacement will bring additional investment.These are the main reasons why enterprises did not choose to use FFU.


As technology evolves, these problems have all become easier.

First, first of all, reduce the noise of the fan itself, coupled with the unique air duct design, improve the efficiency of the fan, but also greatly reduce the noise.

Second, the development of computer, advanced computer control system, to solve the problem of mass FFU pressure imbalance.

Third, the improvement of production technology level, prolong the service life of the fan; high quality centrifugal fan, with long life, maintenance free, small vibration characteristics, service life of more than 50000 hours.


8.  The Precautions of The Air Filter Cleaner



1). In transportation, unloading and lifting, please ensure that the unit is vertical, strictly overturned;

2). At the factory, Reed has multiple packaging, please use a forklift or two people to lift;

3). In order to ensure the long-term operation of the unit, the unit should not be installed in lampblack, flammable gas, dust, particularly wet, public access or foreign body blocking filter; to prevent serious corrosion of the unit, do not be installed in places prone to salt erosion and air with sulfuric acid.

4). When the unit is installed, the unit commercial port needs to leave enough air inlet space to ensure the uniform air inlet;

5). The unit and high efficiency filter are installed together on the ceiling keel and sealed by dead weight.



1). Often observe the operation of the unit, timely disconnect the power supply found abnormal situation;

2). Do not arbitrarily remove the electrical components arbitrarily.


Matters Need Attention:

1). When walking on the surface of the unit, try to foot on the corners of the unit, strictly prohibited to step on the strong outlet of the unit.

2). Air conditioning condensate wet unit when installation.


FFU Fan Filter Unit suppliersChina FFU Fan Filter Unit manufacturers


FFU Fan Filter Unit suppliersChina FFU Fan Filter Unit manufacturers

FFU Fan Filter Unit suppliersChina FFU Fan Filter Unit manufacturers

FFU Fan Filter Unit suppliersChina FFU Fan Filter Unit manufacturers


9. The Purchase Instructions of The Air Filter Cleaner


▲ Invoice Description

This store price, are not including tax point, invoice need additional tax point, detailed please consult customer service.


▲ Shipping Instructions

The goods in our store are large goods, the freight difference in different regions, the goods do not include freight and wooden frame packaging costs.The actual freight according to the product volume, quantity, wooden frame (export wooden box) packaging, receiving address to calculate, before shooting must contact the customer service to calculate the freight!In order not to occur unnecessary misunderstanding, directly take not delivery, need to fill the freight and wooden frame packaging costs to deliver.


▲ Receipt Instructions

In order to protect your purchase rights and interests, to provide you with quality service, sign for when logistics personnel package inspection, if found product damage, less, please don't sign for, and timely contact us, we will help you properly quickly solve (such as no inspection sign for, the store will not bear any damage, such as return).


FFU Fan Filter Unit suppliersChina FFU Fan Filter Unit manufacturers


10. The Introduction of Dong Guan Shi Zhuo Wei Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

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