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1. The Introduction of The Air Purifier Filter


High efficiency filter air supply includes a partition efficient filter air outlet and no partition efficient filter air outlet.The difference between the two is that the partition efficient filter and the diaphragm efficient filter are used.


Classification between efficient air supply outlet and FFU fan filter unit:


The efficient air supply unit and FFU fan filter unit are all used in the 100, thousand and 100,000 levels, which are all the tail air purification machinery and equipment of the purification project, and are the main equipment to achieve the indoor air cleanliness level of the purification room.In particular, the FFU fan filter unit can be used in the thousand level, ten level purification room, and the efficient air supply outlet is generally not easy to be used in this level of purification room.Both can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, environmental sanitation, electronic devices, chemical plants and other fields of air conditioning purification system software.


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop


The high-efficiency filter air outlet is also the high-efficiency air outlet. It is generally designed with the latest technology to make the airflow distribution more reasonable, and the box structure is simple and reliable. The shell is made of Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed or painted. The static pressure box, diffuser plate, high-efficiency filter, and the interface with the air duct can be top-connected or side-connected. The air supply ports have good airflow organization to achieve the purpose of reducing dead space in clean areas and ensure the purification effect. equipment.


2. The Application of The Air Purifier Filter


1). Clean room with color steel plate structure and aluminum alloy keel.

2). Because the height of the clean room is limited by the height of the civil construction, a clean room with a compact design must be adopted.

3). Partial local purification equipment.


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop



3. The Feature of The Air Purifier Filter


1). The shell box of the high-efficiency air outlet is made of Baosteel high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the outer surface is electrostatically sprayed or painted, and equipped with a diffuser.


2). The high-efficiency air supply port can be directly installed on the ceiling of the clean room as a terminal high-efficiency filter device, with a compact structure and reliable sealing performance. 


3). Sometimes the clean room is limited by the civil construction height or must adopt a compact design, the integrated high-efficiency filter air outlet can be selected.


4). Light weight and more convenient installation, especially suitable for installation in clean room with color steel plate structure and aluminum alloy keel.


5). The regulating valve and thermal insulation layer can be installed according to user requirements.


4. The Size And Parameters of The Air Purifier Filter


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop

Efficient air outlet for purification workshop


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop


5. Precautions For the Installation of The Air Purifier Filter


1). The first important point before installation is that the size and efficiency requirements of the high-efficiency air outlet must meet the clean room site design requirements and customer application standards.


2). Before installing the high-efficiency air outlet, it is necessary to clean the product and clean the clean room in an all-round way. For example, to purify the dust in the air-conditioning system, it should be cleaned and removed, and the cleaning requirements must be met. It also needs to be cleaned. To purify the air-conditioning system again, it must run continuously for more than 12 hours, and then clean it again.


3). The safe transportation of the high-efficiency air outlet should be placed in strict accordance with the manufacturer's signs and directions. During the transportation process, it should be handled with care to avoid severe vibration and collision.


4). Before installing the high-efficiency air outlet, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of the air outlet packaging on site, including whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged; whether the side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions meet the requirements; whether the frame has burrs and rust spots (metal frame); whether there is a product certificate, and whether the technical performance meets the design requirements.


5). Carry out high-efficiency air supply leak detection, and check and check whether the leak is qualified. During installation, reasonable allocation should be made according to the resistance of each air supply outlet. For unidirectional flow, the same air outlet or between the filters on the air supply surface , the difference between the rated resistance of each unit and the average resistance of each unit should be less than 5%. High-efficiency air outlets with cleanliness levels equal to and higher than class 100 cleanrooms.


6). In the clean room, the joint between the flanging of the air outlet and the ceiling panel needs to be installed with high-efficiency air outlet, and the seam between the tuyere plate and the ceiling board shall be treated with gaskets. Remember that the cracks must be strictly treated. Do not install the high-efficiency air outlet with damaged or damaged coating. The installation of the air outlet and the air duct must be strictly connected, and the open end should be reinforced with plastic film and tape for airtight treatment. We must carefully observe the above precautions, which are slightly wrong, which directly affect the cleanliness standard of the entire clean room.


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop

Efficient air outlet for purification workshop


Efficient air outlet for purification workshop


6. Purchase Notes of Air Purifier Filter


▲Invoice description

The price of this shop does not include tax points, and additional tax points are required for billing. For details, please consult customer service.


▲ Shipping Instructions

The goods in this store are all large-volume goods, and the freight varies greatly in different regions. The goods do not include freight and wooden frame packaging costs. The actual freight is calculated according to the product volume, quantity, wooden frame (export wooden box) packaging, and delivery address. Before shooting, you must contact customer service to calculate the freight! In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, directly photographed and not shipped, need to make up the freight and wooden packaging costs before delivery.


▲Signing instructions

In order to protect your purchase rights and provide you with high-quality services, you need to be the logistics personnel when you sign for the package. Help you to solve the problem properly and quickly (if there is no inspection and receipt, the store will not be responsible for any damage, small pieces and other reasons to return).


7. The Introduction of Dong Guan Zhuo Wei Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd.


8. FAQ:


Q1: What is you minimum order quantities?

A :Our MOQ is one set which can meet your sample requirement.


Q2: What is your leading time.

A :It’s based on your quantities and the sizes of the products.Generally it takes us 20 days for one container and 10 days for sample orders.


Q3: What is your payment terms?

A :30% by T/T as deposit, balance will be payed before delivery.


Q4: Do you accept OEM&ODM?

A: Yes


Q5: Why maxi?

1). 2 years warranty time guarantee

2). 24 hours to give you prompt and further information

3). Send invitation and arrange everything for you when you come to China


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