Cooperation Case

African Angola Sanitary Factory, Filipino Toys Co., Ltd. 10 class food dust-free workshop, Vietnam project Chengbang 100,000 class electronic dust-free workshop, Cambodia East Olympic Clothing 100,000 class dust-free workshop, India constant temperature and humidity project.


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100,000-level Sanitary And Dust-free Workshop of Angola Sanitary Products Factory In Africa

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Philippine Zimin Toys Co., Ltd. 10,000-level Food Dust-free Workshop

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Guangdong Fuxin Technology Semiconductor Class 10,000 Dust-free Workshop


Guangxi Yulin Kunda Machinery 300,000-level Dust-free Workshop


Guangzhou Zengcheng Chaohui Biological Cosmetics Class 10,000 Dust-free Workshop

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Guangzhou Zhongda Furui Medical Technology 10,000-level Laboratory


Cambodia Dongao Clothing 100,000 Class Dust-free Workshop

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Guangzhou Baihaohui Medical Technology 100,000-level Mask Dust-free Workshop