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Dong Guan Zhuo Wei Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a high-tech company mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of clean room purification equipment. The company specializes in the production of various types of air showers, cargo showers, initial, Medium and high-efficiency filters, high-efficiency air outlets, transfer windows, clean workbenches, clean sheds, FFU air purification units and other purification equipment, a complete range, to undertake precision machinery, laboratories, biomedicine, food processing, electronics, circuit boards, optoelectronics , optics, aerospace, circuit boards, cosmetics, purification equipment and supplies supply and installation, debugging, testing and other one-stop services.


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  • What does a clean room do

    Clean room refers to a special environment that can reduce and control indoor dust, microorganisms, gases and other particulate pollutants through special devices and control technologies. This technology is widely used in electronics, medicine, food and other industries, which promotes production efficiency, improves product quality, and has a positive impact on environmental protection and human health.

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  • What materials can be selected for the air shower room?

    The main function of the air shower is to blow off the dust on human clothing, equipment, materials and tools when operators or objects enter the clean room. How to choose the material of the air shower is an important factor in determining the price of the air shower. At the same time, the use time of the air shower should also be considered. So what materials can you choose for the air shower room?

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  • Application fields and users of air purifiers

    Many people are now paying attention to the quality of the air, and the air purifier has become the first choice for people. It can purify the air, so that the harmful and toxic gases in the air can be decomposed or converted into harmless substances through the air purifier, so that the air Improved.

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  • Introduction of air filtration equipment

    Air filtration equipment is designed to remove harmful substances from indoor air and improve air quality. They use various filtration technologies such as HEPA filters, activated carbon, etc. to remove particulate matter, odors, and harmful gases.

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