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Dong Guan Zhuo Wei Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a high-tech company mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of clean room purification equipment. The company specializes in the production of various types of air showers, cargo showers, initial, Medium and high-efficiency filters, high-efficiency air outlets, transfer windows, clean workbenches, clean sheds, FFU air purification units and other purification equipment, a complete range, to undertake precision machinery, laboratories, biomedicine, food processing, electronics, circuit boards, optoelectronics , optics, aerospace, circuit boards, cosmetics, purification equipment and supplies supply and installation, debugging, testing and other one-stop services.


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  • Efficient Air Outlet Shipped

    Customer Miss Zhang placed an order yesterday for a batch of air outlets, which have been formed today and will be sent out for powder spraying treatment immediately.

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  • GMP Clean Room Purification System Installation Project

    This project is the purification and decoration of a Chinese medicine extraction workshop, central laboratory and warehouse of a pharmaceutical industry. The air-conditioning system is used as a process purification air-conditioning system. The heating, ventilation and purification of each area requires the design of the purification and air-conditioning system of the production workshop, and the design of the ventilation and air-conditioning system in the non-purified area. smoke design.

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  • Huizhou Dust-free Workshop Installed Automatic Rolling Shutter Door Cargo Shower Room

    On September 17, the Huizhou dust-free workshop installed automatic rolling shutter door cargo shower room. We overcame factors such as uneven ground and dirty environment, and completed the project successfully. The customer test machine was very satisfied.

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  • Decoration Project of Clean Workshop of Injection Molding Dust-free Workshop

    Features of injection molding dust-free workshop:1). The heat of the injection molding machine is large, and the heat generation of the injection molding machine should be considered in detail.

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